Heating in a small coop


7 Years
Sep 6, 2013
I read that in a coop you need dime lighting and that at night it at least needs to be 55 degrees, I live in Michigan so nights can be chilly in the summer and spring. It's a coop that fits 4 chickens. Any suggestions?
Yes they are fully feathers now. We found out we have a rooster should he be separate from the hens at night? We got chickens for egg.
No problem. I am just learning myself and I have learned a lot of great info from this forum.
I have 6 young hens myself about the same age as yours. One began laying 2 days ago and the other 5 are surely not far behind her. So start watching for eggs because yours should soon start laying as well depending on what breed they are. Do you have a nesting box for them to lay eggs in?
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Exciting for you! Yes We have two nesting areas. We have two Marans and two Cochin. I am having a hard time getting them in the coop at night (up a ramp) they were used to going in the garage and had a routine, I think they don't get it yet.
It shouldnt take them too long to learn a new routine. All my young ones still stay in their little coop and dont seem to want to start going in the big coop with the older ones yet. They have been starting to explore the bigger coop and the nesting boxes during the day though so I think they are going to figure it out soon. If not they will figure out this winter that the bigger coop is the warmer choice.

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