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I have heard that you are supposed to put a heat lamp on the chicks and decrease the temperature by 5 degrees every week. I never really did that but the temperature on them has been consitently warm and they are perfectly fine. I have them on my patio outside in a tote altered to create a good home for them. They were right next to an outlet so the heat lamp could be used easily. They are outgrowing it and they are now 26 days old. I forgot to mention that I have two chicks. I am moving them outside into a coop-like setup but there is no outlet. It is only 60 degrees in the morning. Do they need heat and how should I heat them?
60 degrees is a little cold for 4 week old chicks.

You could put them in a cardboard box with lots of warm bedding (pine bedding works well) each night until they get all their feathers.
At about 6 weeks and with full feathering they should be OK at night outside.

Better if they are in bigger numbers as they huddle together for warmth.

I might keep them in their old setup at night then. Their new "coop" will be lined with straw. Is that a bedding that could keep them warm? I am in Florida and it doesn't normaly get this cold for another few weeks. If it didn't get cold until they were 5 wks then this wouldn't be a problem.
Yes, use pine shavings instead of straw (NOT cedar).

Could you run an extension cord for a week or two out to the coop for cool nights?
I can run an extension cord. I am currently using pine bedding but since they will be in an old rabbit hutch that is raised above the ground, the bedding will fall through the wire floor.

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