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  1. I purchased a seed warming mat to put down on the floor of the coop. I just throw the pine shavings on top of it. It is about 48 inches by 20 inches and generates about 100 watts of heat.


    I thought it would help keep the coop warm. It likely makes no difference to the air temperature of the coop due to the amount of air flowing into and out of the coop through the vents. I was thinking of removing it as it seemed like a waste of electicity. However, I noticed all the chickens like to stand on it. It likely warms their feet.
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    They probably do like to stand on it but like you, I think it's a waste of electricity. It won't help them on the roost at night when the coop is coldest.
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    Heating the air is the most inefficent use of energy. Heating a mass that will distribute that heat in a more even way. I have done a couple different things to heat my coop. One thing and it depends on the coop but I have actually done a compost pile rihht in my coop. That raised the temp several degree, but that takes the right set up to do. The other thing I did was put my chicks in my greenhouse and seperated the chicks from the plants I have s rocket mass in there so it stay about 50 on the coldest nights. One other idea I had was to wrap heat tape around some bars that I filled with antifreeze and put those as perches and put it on timer so it doesn't get to hot. The antifreeze holds the heat for a bit and won't freeze.

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