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    Apr 2, 2009
    I saw in the learning center that it says to heat the waterer to keep it from freezing. How do I do that? I have one of the plastic 5 gallon ones. What do I need to do? Thanks. The waterer is outside the coop btw and I don't think it would fit inside very well as it is only 4x4.

    PS I already found a thread with the solution.
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    Do you have electric to the coop?
    If you do you can buy a heater that goes under water container , to heat the water.
    Not in it but under the whole thing.
    I assume it is metal right?
    I saw were they took a cookie can or fruitcake metal can,cut a hole in the side and put a small light in the can. Mount it to the can put the lid back on and set the water on it. For a cheep heater.

    Try this link

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  3. If you scroll down on this page there are pics of a couple of ways to heat water. Personally, I like to have the water inside, 24/7, though I offer extra in the run when possible.

    If you are willing to spend for a heated base, it will be approved and safe. They are expensive, though. Be sure to use any heating device on non-flammable surfaces lsuch as patio blocks raised on cinder blocks.

    Most commercial heating devices are NOT approved for outdoor use.

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    I use a heated bucket, with a log next to it, so the shorter birds can use it to, its meant to be use in or out side, I like to keep the water outside in the winter because it keeps the humidity down in the coop. not so messy too

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