Heatstroke? I'm really worried about this hen!


7 Years
May 22, 2012
Hello Everyone,
The last few days have been really hot and I'm worried about one of my hens, they have shade throughout the day and I change the water twice a day in this heat t keep it cool and fresh. I've never had a problem like this before, even on hotter days. This hen was ill a few weeks ago and i'm not sure what with however see went back out about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I found her panting in the nest box however when she came out she was no longer panting just a bit slow. Today however her wings have dropped and she is constantly panting. I know chickens do this when they are hot and have often seen hens doing so, however this is constant and none of my other hens have their wings out, let alone panting. She is very slow now and walking with a waddle, more like a duck that a chicken. She is still drinking and makes regular trips to the water feeder and back to the shade however she hasn't eaten much and her crop is quite empty. I have some wormer ordered as I have had a problem with worms recently, I don't know if this could be linked? The pictures don't show her to be but she has been panting most of the day. I even opened her beak and checked her airway/throat etc but couldn't see anything! Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Are the tissues in her mouth and throat pink? If they are pale or blue, maybe she is anemic from some parasites and the anemia is making her unable to withstand the heat.
I hope someone with more knowledge will come along and help you. She looks to be of a decent weight and feather, and is quite cute! I hope you are able to help her back to normal.
I just went out and checked again, they are a pale pink. I compared them to my other hens and they are about the same though?
Pale pink is OK. I would worm her and hope for the best. Keep doing what you are doing...offer fresh water and shade constantly. If she has a heavy parasite load, she's going to be uncomfortable until it clears out.
They drop their wings to help cool their body. She looks quite healthy to me.

If you have one overheat do not hesitate to put them in bucket of cool (not cold) water. Also bring them into house with air conditioning. Be warned that they will not want to go back outside if you do..lol

I spray my chicken's turn out pen with the hose each morning. I have even sprayed them down on hot afternoons!

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