Heavy breathing and raspy


8 Years
May 7, 2011
Hello, just checking to see if this is somewhat normal/something to be concerned about.

1 year old orp has been raspy sounding when she "talks" for the past week and tonight she is breathing heavier than normal. I noticed when she was laying down after a dirt bath that she was really breathing hard. I picked her up and she started breathing through her mouth, not panting, and I listened to her chest and it sounded normal. Weather is only about 70 and shady lately.

Any ideas? What should I watch out for? (I am sooo new to all this)
Ok sounds good,

Gawl, I dont even know where to pick something like that up. All the places in my town have chicken food, grit, and thats about it. I'll do some researching.

Hoping anyone has any advice.

I swear reading through these topics trying to figure things out is like us looking at web MD, it is just freaking me out more!

I am worried it may be gape worm? Since that is a symptom and we have had a lot of fun the past few weeks digging for earth worms :( And I swear every topic on gapeworm, their chicken died so now I am just feeling a little worried about it all.

If anyone has any input at all, please let me know. Like a said, I am so new to this stuff and it is really frustrating.

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