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Heavy breathing, respitory issues now not so sure?? Distended abdomen, very strange!!! Anyone else h

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by XSCHICKS, Feb 12, 2015.


    XSCHICKS In the Brooder

    Aug 31, 2014
    Ok chikita is a light brahma about 24 weeks old. they are all on nutrina layer pellets, have free choice grit and oyster shell as well as nutrina scratch at night before bed. I have 10 hens in all and things where going great but 2 days ago I noticed that chikita had some poop stuck on her bum (not near her vent on the feathers below) so I figured just some diareah?? So picked her up for further inspection noticed she had very heavy breathing and seemed weezy even.

    She was still eating drinking pecking around all that but just didn't seem right , when I picked her up she just closed her eyes and seemed uncomfortable. I imidiatley assumed must be respitory! I was worried she had a real serious issue and or would spread something to the rest of them so I found a vet that would see her. Still couldn't believe I was taking my chicken to the vet but I couldn't watch her suffer and figured we could do a fecal and get some antibiotics if needed with somewhat minimal cost. Vet was great and upon examination she though her abdomen was distended and abnormally squishy she pooped a big solid poop while there on the table so cross that off the list (she is going to the bathroom).

    They convinced me to do an X-ray to make sure she wasn't eggbound or had eaten something foren like a staple or something she shouldn't have. [​IMG]

    When the vet explained them to me she didn't see an egg that she though she might or things that shouldn't be there so back to square one. Ended up deciding to put her on some metcam for an anti-inflamitory for 5 days to see if it would help as the other step would be to go to a specialist and get an ultrasound. The bill was already pricey for this little chick so I took her home with the plan of the metcam and closely watching her for changes like hard abdomin or not eating or drinking.

    I was preparing to separated her to monitor food water and egg laying even though it was a major pain in the bum and she was not very happy about it! When I first came back I let her in with everyone and within a few minutes a bunch of noise and ruckus, then I see one if the girls run by with an egg membrain no shell and mostly clear liquid, I tackled her to grab it so I could see what the heck was going on this is it

    Could this be what's wrong with chikita ? I didn't see who it came from but it definitely wasn't there and then the craziness ensued? Something like this had happened once before when I was in the coop but I figured they just found an egg that fell and went crazy but they ate it before I could Rangel it out of there mouth that time. So I just was like weird !! Can a chicken just be going about there business and have something like that come out??
    Also I should say I have 10 chickens and got 10 eggs today before taking her to the vet so I assumed everyone had layed one But this is all new to me so I guess don't assume anything with chickens?
    This is just all very strange and if anyone has any similar experiences I would love Input to figure out what is going on with poor chikita?? She is separated right now and settled in so I can hopefully monitor if she lays another weird egg and how much she's eating, now I'm also consurned how she will acclimate back into the flock ? Yikes any thoughts ? Thanks[​IMG][​IMG]

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