Heavy breathing.

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  1. What could be the cause? And if its something to worry about how can I fix it?

    One of my 10 week old silkies is breathing heavily, with its mouth open and lifting its head when it does it. He doesn't seem to have any other issues. He is eating and drinking, walking around with the others in the pen. But he just keeps breathing hard like this. I checked for a smelly odor coming from his mouth or nose and there was nothing out of the norm. And he hasn't showed any signs of snot yet.
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    I don't know...maybe a respiratory problem? [​IMG] sorry I can't help. [​IMG]

    Hopefully someone else will know! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. I figured it might be too so I went to the store and got some meds for it. I forget what its called . But its basicly antibiotics you put in the water. One spoon full per a gallon.
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    Sounds alot like mud fever be careful because it is an airborne sickness it will spread to the other chickens it is treatable with antibotics but if it goes untreated it will kill them quick.
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    you probably already isolated him just to be safe, right?
  6. I only had one cage of chickens. But what is mud fever? I don't have any muddy areas in my yard or the coop...
  7. Just looked up the term "mud fever" and it is not that. He has been eating fine, not losing any weight and looks perfectly healthy. I gave him some Oxytetracycline in the water and hopefully that will clear up his respritory issues quickly.

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    That should be a good general purpose antibiotic. I would separate him from your other chicks for sure if you haven't already and maybe even clean out where he was to help decrease the chance of anything spreading if it is viral. Good luck with your boy!!!

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