HEAVY DUTY Exotic Animal enclosure

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    I have two pens, 8' x 20' HEAVY DUTY chain link panels. They used to be part of the Norco Wild Animal Training Center, and held bears, large cats. I have a total of six 20' panels. One has a gate. I have one 8' square end gate, one 8' square end panel and "pieces" to close over the other two ends of the other one. I am asking $3000 per pen, or both for $5000. I have a truck and a 20' flatbed trailer if you need help moving it. These panels are HEAVY, and you will probably need around six men to move a single panel. The photo shows them broken down leaned against pipe corrals as they are now. I have a photo of them set up, but there is a horse being gelded in the foreground, not suitable for BYC audience. The cages are big enough to park a vehicle in if you wanted to keep it tamper proofed for some reason. Call if you have any questions. 951 310 988three

    doggone, forgot the pic.
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