heavy molt or something else going on?

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    Apr 7, 2013
    Early fall, my bantam went through a really heavy molt. During that time, the other chickens picked on her, would not even let her sleep with them (she actually began staying out, I would have to go into the run and then carry her inside.) During that time, she lost alot of weight as well. She survive, and all was well again in the flock. Then one of my Plymouth Rocks went through it, as well (although the others were not 'kicking her out', like they had with the bantam.) We had a deep freeze overnight, and sadly, woke to find her passed the next morning (it went from being in the 40's to in the upper 20's. I debated putting on the heat lamp but thought she would be ok. I was wrong and I am so upset.) Now, my favorite girl, Stephanie (Salmone Favorelle) is doing it, completely bald under her wings. She is not sneezing, but noticed she seems to be shaking her head alot. Also is more quiet then normal and although normally my friendliest, will not let me near her, and when I managed to corner her and pick her up, she screamed like I had never heard before! I put the heat lamp up on high, and am keeping them in today, as temps with wind chill is about 10 degrees. I also have the regular light on today, as well. She has also lost weight. I am at a loss. My girls have never really molted much before, certainly nothing like this. What could be causing it? I feed a good layer pellet, and they do get some treats (usually freeze dried mealies, some sunflower seeds and some greens, but not every day). I don't want to loose another. They will be 2 yo in April, got them all at the same time. No roos, just hens. They do not free range, we have a 14 foot completely enclosed run. HELP! What do I do? Should I try to get a 'coat' for them all (or at least one for Stephanie while in molt?) I am new to chickens and have had no issues until this. I love my girls and want to do the best I can for them. Thank you.

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