Hedemora Breeders Wanted!

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  1. altair

    altair Songster

    Aug 16, 2010
    Greetings! I'm seeking the help of the board to compile a list of current hedemora breeders to see how many of us are out there. Greenfire used to offer this breed until predators took their toll so it would be most valuable to preserve what birds (and genetics) are currently out there, and facilitate sharing of eggs, broodstock, etc. to other breeders and those interested in owning this charismatic breed. :) Who knows, you could help Greenfire Farms reestablish their breeding flocks!

    To streamline this resource, I ask please to keep posts relevant to breeders and less "I like those but don't have any". I'm totally willing to talk via private message-- please chat with me, I'll gladly try to answer questions (maybe brag a little!). Or there's always this already started convo: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/414844/hedemora-thread.

    Your Name/Name of Farm:
    Flock size:
    Experience (optional):

    Your Name/Name of Farm: Danielle James Choiniere (Avalon Farms)
    Location: Vermont
    Contact: [email protected]
    Flock size: A trio
    Colors: Silver birchen, Orange/Black
    Experience (optional): We started out with a single hen then purchased 3 more chicks last summer. They're docile and we can handle them without fuss though they have a subtle independence. I hope to hatch some of their eggs in the spring and purchase some from other breeders for more genetics and backgrounds.

    Thanks for the help!
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  2. chambe94

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    Nov 12, 2013
    Laura Pylman
    Pylman Farm Poultry
    [email protected]
    Currently only 1 hen, 3 roos
    Black birchen, blue birchen wooly, red black wooly, red black smooth

    I am also hoping to hatch eggs this spring and enlarge my flock with outside lines as well. I have 10 eggs going in to incubator tonight from a different farm.
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  3. jan12

    jan12 Songster

    Your Name/Name of Farm: Janet Malay
    Location: Connecticut
    Contact: [email protected]
    Flock size: 5
    Colors: Silver Birchen and white cockerels (both wooly), and one black/orange hen with black skin, one lemon blue wooly pullet, and one blue with slightly peachy highlighted wooly pullet with black skin.
    They are just over 20 weeks old, and I'm planning to hatch their offspring to enlarge my flock. I didn't have any plans to sell their eggs, at least yet, but I'd be willing to sell hatching eggs once I hatch some chicks.

    I didn't know GFF stock was attacked by predators! That makes me sad.. Their birds were so beautiful. I hope they re-establish their flock!
  4. altair

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    Aug 16, 2010
    Replying to keep this from getting buried. :) I couldn't see by the FAQ "bumping" wasn't allowed, so if it is mods please feel free to delete.
  5. NicksfieldFarm

    NicksfieldFarm Hatching

    May 5, 2013
    Name of Farm: Nicksfield Farm
    Location: Michigan
    Contact: Nicksfield Farm Facebook page

    I plan on hatching and keeping what I hatch till late summer. But will offer a limited supply of hatching eggs toward the end of summer. Maybe a few chicks or juvies depending on how hatching goes.
  6. WVMHP

    WVMHP In the Brooder

    Apr 26, 2013
    Name: Carol
    Location: central Colorado
    Contact: littlewolf at pcisys dot net
    Flock size: 9

    I currently have three wooly roosters--one white, one black/auburn, one black/auburn/dark gray. Six hens--one smooth lemon-blue with black skin and tiny comb (hoping to get lots of chicks from this girl!), one smooth iridescent black, one smooth black/auburn, one wooly black/birchen, one wooly black. Only my white rooster has a trace of feathered shanks. Will be hatching as many eggs as possible this year to expand my flock. If I'm fortunate enough to hatch some birds with very small combs and black skin, I'll be keeping those because frostbite is a big problem here in the Colorado high country. Possibly may make some of the other juveniles available for local pickup (central Colorado area) later in the year if my hatch is good.
  7. tootsi

    tootsi Chirping

    Mar 30, 2013
    Located : Vermont
    3 chicks currently (I think they are all roos!) 1 black/red silkied/fuzzy, 2 smooth black/red - no feathers on elgs
    More eggs just went into the bator today ! We will see what we get!
  8. bekkanblue

    bekkanblue Songster

    Sep 10, 2010
    SE Iowa
    Name: Bekka Borg / Shy Creek Farms
    Location: Iowa
    Contact: bekkanblue at gmail dot com
    Flock size: 9 in bator, 6+ on the way
    Colors: TBA
    Experience: New to a landrace breed. I have a small flock of Norwegian Jaerhons, and love the landrace Swedish breeds.

    I will edit this as hatches go. Planning to build a small breeding flock with birds of as many types and from as many different breeder/sources as I can. I love the diversity!
  9. WVMHP

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    Apr 26, 2013
    I have Hedemora hatching eggs for sale. I'm in Colorado. (Sorry, I'm not NPIP because my flock is too small.) The chicks I've hatched this year have been primarily black, some white, most are wooly. Contact me at vilcek at pcisys dot net.
  10. altair

    altair Songster

    Aug 16, 2010
    I could not find a Facebook group designated solely for hedemora, so I created one! Fans, flock owners, feel free to join and post! I copy and pasted the breeder information above onto a breeders' list file on the group, so please feel free to edit or add information.


    Thank you and let's spread the hedemora love! [​IMG]
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