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    Hi everyone...I have a very odd chicken. Ever since she has been fully grown, she has had a weird lump on her tummy...almost fluidy and hardish. Thats not quite the biggest problem...She is pooping out yellow..yoke substance..shes has done it before..like a month ago..I don't think she has been really doing it that often..but there is yellow stained on her tail feathers. Could this be an egg is stuck in her? or she is continuously breaking her eggs and pooping the yoke out? She also has a very purplish comb...all of her comb is a deep purple..she is eating fine and drinking...but she does sometimes distance herself away from the other 5 hens..
    Please helpp me! Thank you...it would be very appriciated..I am very worried..and can't bare to lose her!!


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  3. http://chat.allotment.org.uk/index.php?topic=17568.0

    here's a bunch of poo pics. It's surprising the range of "normal" poos. If your chicken is otherwise acting normally, its possible that it is ceacal poo and quite normal.

    Take a deep breath. and try to not let the worry get the best of you. Been there, done that. [​IMG]
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    tdgill is right, as much info as possible can really help everyone on BYC take a better stab at what might be ailing your hen.

    Sounds like she has a little bit of diarrhea, but make sure first that it is not cecal droppings (lighter orange/yellow/greenish and sometimes foamy poops that happen a few times a day).

    I've got no idea about the lump on her tummy. Forgive me if this is a bad question, but is the lump just her crop or is it in a different place entirely? A photo might help.

    Sorry that I have to ask the basic questions first. If she's eating and drinking she might be okay, but we really need more info.

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