Height of a chicken door.

Kuntry Klucker

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Jun 9, 2010
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Hi All,

We are now building the door for our chicken coop and are wanting to put
a chicken door at the bottom of the large door. This way the chickens
can come and go while free ranging without having to keep the large
door open.

Does anyone have an idea of what the measurements of the chicken door should be?
We have Buff Orphingtons.

Here is a picture of our coop and door that we want to have a chicken access door in.


Looking from the back of the coop towards the door


view from the front of the coop.

we made ours 12X12. After that though, I read that 12X16 is good. But I think my 12X12 will work fine (my chickens haven't used it yet, nor are they full grown.)
Mine is 18" high and 12" wide. I also put in a hook and eye latch with a spring lock so that once it is open there is no way it can swing down and slam shut accidentally.


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Ours pulls up with a rope , which is wrapped up on a boat tie thingy outside the run so I can open and close it without going in. I'm trying to decide if I think my run is secure enough not to have to worry about rigging a "lock" of some sort for it.

I think the smallest I would use for a chicken door for full sized bird is 9'' x 10''. However I make most of my doors 10'' x 15'' with a rounded top. Most people use bigger doors than myself and I understand that. However I do know from experience that my RIR and BR and EE will go through a 6'' wide and 9'' tall door. At first I didn't think it was possible but it most surely is possible.
I make mine a bit bigger cause it seems like some like to sit in the doorway and cause a roadblock.
It doesn't matter a lot though. Even a big rooster can squeeze through a very tight space.

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