Heirloom Daffodils and Trout Lily Plants 4- sale(PA)


ShowGirl Queen
12 Years
Jul 18, 2007
Northwestern, pa
they r all mostly up and alot have buds but not bloomed yet can ship fresh dug bare root via priority. starting mon i can dig and ship in order payments r recieved. i don't have pics of last years blooms since they r on my old comp that died. however if u look up the names for them on yahoo u can find them.

the daffodils i can do 2 lots of 15+(i add little babies if they come up when diggig) for $15 includeing ship. they are heirloom origional poet's daffodils and r small cupped white w/ like a golden orange center with a red/orange zig zag around the cups. sizes will vary and if mother bulbs r dug they will be included also since they multiply so good for me.

i also have a ton of yellow trout lilies these r not an actual lily they are small woodland plants about 6-8" tall aprox. they have leaves and should have buds and will bloom the quickest it's almost bloom time here and they r already about 3" tall with leaves at least some more. i can do many orders for these i have hundreds of them.

trout lilies r 25+ plants for $15 shipped if u want higher quanity i can do orders of any amount really and will give u a deal the more u buy. post which u want here and u can paypal for these to princess_jelena_04@yahoo.com. if u want to order in bigger quanity for the trouts pm me with what u are wanting so i can give u a better price and correct shipping. i might be able to do 3 orders of the daffs but have to check my bed first.

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