HEIRLOOM Garden Seeds - Freshly packed for 2010

Fay at Frizzled Feathers

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Jan 10, 2009
Hartville , Missouri
Heirloom garden seeds - Freshly packaged for 2010

Bonny Best Tomato , average 75 seeds $1.25 per packet

Ace 55 VF Tomato , average 75 seeds $1.00 per packet

Roma VF Tomato , average 75 seeds $1.00 per packet

Large Cherry Tomatoe , average 75 seeds $1.00 per packet

Beefsteak Tomato , average 75 seeds $1.00 per packet

Vegetable Speghetti Squash , 20 seeds $1.25 per packet

Boston Pickling (cucumbers) , average 30 seeds $1.00 per packet

Coppenhagen Market (cabbage) , average 150 seeds $1.00 per packet

PM me to order. I take PayPal and postal MO and will combine shipping

Shipping will be $1.00 for the first packet and .25 cents per additional packet , within the USA.

If you would like to order 1 packet of each of these seeds the total would be $11.00 ( includes shipping )

Thanks ,


Crazy for Cochins
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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
Could you tell me what each tomato is for? What I mean is, I am not the best gardener but I am wanting to start my own garden this year with the intentions that I will have enough at the end of the season of each of my fruits and veggies to be able to do canning. So what I basically would like to know is, which are best for canning? I know the beefsteak are good for sandwiches and the like, but I'm kind of tomato ignorant, lol. You have a few seeds I'd like to try though.

Fay at Frizzled Feathers

11 Years
Jan 10, 2009
Hartville , Missouri
These ones are the best for canning .

Bonny Best Tomato - 75 days to maturity
This is an old Heirloom variety that produces very firm ,deep red colored fruits with very few seeds.
early yielder, start seeds indoors early
These are great for slicing or canning and home grower .
Medium sized fruits 6-8 oz fruits are crack resistant and have superb flavor. Indeterminate
Roma VF Tomato - 76 days to maturity
Really vigorous vines.yields excellant bright red , medium - small sized pear shaped meaty fruits
yeilds heavy , firm texture,works great in salads.
Does not require steaking
makes thick red sauce
Very popular for canning ,cooking ,paste,sauce,soups,juice or even dehydrating
Beefsteak Tomato - 90 days to maturity
Fruits are very large,solid and meaty with small cavities .
grow in cages for best results
Wonderful taste,great for sandwiches,eating fresh,cooking,salads or canning.
Awesome big slicing tomato
Start plants indoors and then plant outdoors after danger of frost 4-6" apart ,plant 1-2" deeper than they were in their container

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