Held hostage in the night by an anti-social wynadotte!

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    May 7, 2010
    Last night I came home and went out to check on the flock (how many stories start out like that?)

    I saw that the hens all gathered in one place on the highest perch, so all was well there. I checked in the upper nesting box where the white leghorn likes to sleep and sure enough, there she was. I pulled her out, I'm sure to her disdain, and put her on the perch next to the easter eggers. My antisocial wynadottes turned around and pointed their fuzzy butts in my direction as soon as they woke up.

    I have a RIR that likes to sleep along one of the boards about waist height, and she was there, so I patted her head and she clucked a few times. There was another barred rock a few inches away on a lower perch, like they had gotten to talking and night had fallen so the barred rock was "spending the night" on the lower perch with the RIR. Then I usually have two little barred rock pullets that sleep in one of the lower nesting boxes. When I put my hand in the box, I immediately recieved a smart peck... from another hen! I pulled the complaining, flapping ball of angry hen out and checked who it was... It was my snootiest wynadotte. Imagine, if you will, a chimney sweep waking up the Queen of England by coming down her fireplace. Similar reaction here. I put her down on the perch with her anti-social sisters, who pointed their butts at their sister.

    I still couldn't find my pullets so I looked behind my bag of de, nothing. I looked around the outside of the coop in case they'd been chased out of the coop at night... not there. I stopped searching long enough to badger my rooster, and then came back to the nesting boxes. I heard a chir-squack. I reached in and there they were. The two little buggers were mashed in the box together. The wynadotte had been holding them hostage! lol.

    I'm pretty imaginative, but I can't come up with a scenario of how this one happened. Maybe this wynadotte thought the pullets had been bad by getting into my neighbors yard, so she had waited 'till they had gone to the nest box to sleep, and had charged in, forced them to the back, and pointed her fuzzy butt at them 'till I saved them.
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    Thanks for sharing [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] funny butts

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