Hello all! Believe I have a little chickie with splayed leg or slipped tendon


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Dec 5, 2016
Ok, I have a question for all of you! I had taken home a 2 day old chick from my daughters class, who hatched chicks. I noticed immediately one had a splayed leg. Got her home, I used some bandage that sticks to itself (found it in the horse section at TSC) and bandaged her legs together about maybe and inch or inch and 1/2 apart. I have changed the bandage a couple times, it got very dirty as you can imagine. My question is, she still seems very uncoordinated, and is still not putting a whole lot of pressure on that leg. And her knee joint on that leg seems to be very messed up. Is that normal? And how long does it usually take to start to see some improvements? I've done some research, not a whole lot of information pertaining to how long it takes to correct. Just on how to fix it. And what little info I do find, it says it can fix within a few days. We are going on a week and 3 days. Just getting a little worried. She still get up and drinks and eats, but usually stumbles, and she seems to rest a lot more than the others, I assume because it must take a lot out of her. Any info or ideas would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is really hoping that this little girl will make it! ❤️

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