Hello all from Northern Ontario


8 Years
Sep 3, 2011
It's busy time so I'll keep it to a few points about myself.

-Have kept chickens for years now on and off, this is my 4th flock. I have 10 fine ladies at full production!

-My name says it all...not allowed to have 'em
but enforcement is through complaints. This is the first year the neighbours have found out. 3 1/2 year olds can not keep a secret, bless her heart.

-Looking at raising them for a living...just not caged. There are no suppliers for chicks, ready to lay or processing available in the area.

-Urban, for now

-Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario. Looking for other renegades doing this in the region.

-Hope to learn lots here. This is the first year I'm going to keep them over the winter (-20 to -40 at times)

Off to peruse the discussions, then it's time to go wake my girls and let the ladies out for the day.

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