Hello all, new chicken lady member here.


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Jul 29, 2021
I’m a single mom of a grown son, the best kid ever, true blessing and I have my very first grandchild on the way… it’s a boy! 🥰I just turned 49, live in Beckley, WV and started out with a rooster. A white crested black polish rooster… Ooster rooster or the mayor is what everyone calls him and he’s my baby! He even Walks me to & from the mailbox. Lol I got him in 2015, he was already 1 1/2 years old and it wasn’t until spring 2019 I decided to get baby chicks. Out of 30 I only ended up with 5 hens and one guinae, her name is Pearl. I then decided I wanted colored eggs so last year I bought some EE’s, olive eggers, midnight majesty marans and Americanas. Then I got a wild hair and thought I’d hatch some eggs… did way better than expected so I have a lot more chickens than I care to admit but I love them all.
I have known about this site for quite a while but just joined because one of my cockerels attacked one of my hens and I didn’t know what to do. I am here to learn all I can and get help when I need it or help if I can.
People think I’m silly because I have all my chickens and I don’t even like eggs. lol but I get so excited when I get a great big double yolk or a tiny size one and I love getting all the beautiful colors my girls lay.
Well that’s probably more than anyone needs or wants to know about me but thanks for all your help in advance because I’m sure I’ll need it. Oh I also have 2 horses that I’ve had since they were barely 2 and are now in their 20’s
A Tennessee walker…Baby and a Quarter horse… Bounty. Best horses a person could ask for!

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