Hello Chicken lovers


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Jan 3, 2012
Hello all,let me introduce myself
My name is Kim I have 7 chickens,all hens they are:2 barred rocks,2 buff orpingtons,1 red star,1 americana,and one other I don't know the breed of. I also have a dog and a pinto horse named Scout.I am on other forums,but not a chicken one,hope to meet new friends and learn new stuff! If you want I can add pictures too...talk to ya guys later:D
Thank you for the warm welcome everyone <3 I did have 6 chickens,but when I was at my barn where I board my horse there was a chicken in one of the huge water buckets,she was covered with water and her breast was hard packed with I am guessing was water.She was shivering cold and no one else was there except for my bothers and sisters and mom,so I covered her up with horse blankets and put her in my lap to drive back home(i live an hour away from my barn) and I thought she was going to die and well she is still alive and I named her Faith,we have grown a huge bond and she loves for me to hold her,but no one else..... sorry for the long story

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