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  1. cuppycake143

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    Apr 24, 2009
    I'm new here lol. Also new to this whole egg hatching. I just decided I wanted a pet duck a while ago and wanted to raise it myself.I wanted to be able to hatch one and watch him or her grow right from the beginning. Also have my five yr old daughter very interested.

    I hope I'm doing everything right. And if so I believe we will be expecting little squishy any day now along with six other siblings. I posted in egg hatching under hatching duck eggs. For those of you with experience I would really appreciate it if u could read it and tell me what you think.

    Thank you all ahead of time and I'm glad to be here

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    Howdy and welcome to BYC! [​IMG] from AZ

    This place should start waking up in an hour or so and hopefully someone like Terri with duck experience will happen along.
  3. One Acre Wonder Farm

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    Feb 20, 2009

    and [​IMG] from Vermont!

    I got my ducks as 6 month-olds so I can't help with the hatching but i know you will love your duckys, they aer so comical!

    Good luck!
  4. b.hromada

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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from S. Florida.
  5. citalk2much

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    Dec 22, 2008
    GR MI: TN bound!
  6. Buckhorn Farm

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    Mar 30, 2009
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    [​IMG] from Florida
  7. daisychick

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    Feb 8, 2009
    [​IMG] Welcome!
  8. michelle1017

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    Aug 21, 2008
  9. eaganchickens

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    Sep 21, 2008
    [​IMG] from MN!
  10. ChickBond 007

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    [​IMG] Welcome from Iowa!
    Keep reading! There's so much to learn there at BYC!

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