hello everyone! im a duck mama!


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I just wanted to say hello and give a bit of info on myself! My boyfriend and I recently bought a home with 4.5 acres and a pond...so he thought he would surprise me on my birthday in April with three ducklings...he got them at Agway and was told that they were all three Blue Swedish ducks. Well we tragicly lost Mallory the second day to a drowning . But still have Henry and Victoria. They are now about 6 weeks old. Henry is definitely a Blue swedish with black feathers fringed with irridesent blue coming in along with a white chest and black and white head and dark blue/black bill and feet. Victoria on the other hand has a white colar brown and black striped feathers and a crest on the back of her head...her head is developing greenm feathers on top and on her cheeks too...so I'm guessing she is at least half mallard! I will post some pictures and welcome any ideas! Oh yes...my name is Heidi!

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[IMG]emojione/assets/png/2665.png?v=2.2.7[/IMG] Hu
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from Indiana!!!!

Sounds like Victoria may be a male with the white collar and the green feathers coming in on his head. Sounds like a crested mallard


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Very sorry to hear about Mallory.
And yes, like another poster said, Victoria may actually be a Victor. Maybe ask around in the ''What breed/gender'' subforum for more info.
Enjoy the site and your birds!!


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Well, with a name like Heidi (one of my dearest friends is named Heidi) you MUST be a neat lady!

Sorry to hear about your lost duckling...but glad the other two seem to be doing well! Welcome to BYC - post pics of your duckies when you can!

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