Hello everyone, I'm new^^


Jan 26, 2021
Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum :jumpy

This really is a great place for chicken enthusiasts and I'm glad I can be here with all of you!

My name is Katharina. At the moment I do not have my own chickens. My mother and I bring every afternoon 10 girls in our neighbourhood some goodies (the owners agreed, we would never do such thing without permission) and the girls always await us joyful. They are 1 Marans hen (who I think from my observations is the boss), 1 black Australorp hen, 1 Barnevelder hen, 1 Welsumer hen, 1 Vorwerk hen, 1 Sulmtaler hen, 1 Lakenfelder hen, 1 Sundheimer hen and 2 Wyandottes.
I have a friend with chickens nearby, and when he had to stay away I took care of them. He has bantam Brahmas (all roosters, his oldest one is 10 years old) and bantam Brahma x Deutsches Buschhuhn-mixes (14 hens, 1 rooster, 2 cockerels). At the beginning they were suspicious about me, but now they know me they come to greet me, look for treats, ask me to let them out in their big free-range areas.

I have 6 Greek tortoises (all of them are boys, 5 are siblings and I have them from egg on, they will have their 15 th birthday this summer, and the 6 th one is my oldest, I have him since 29 years, he is about 33 years old) who are all hibernating at the moment, and I'm caring for bees (still learning a lot from my friend I mentioned above who is a beekeeper).

I'm planning to have my own chickens (as a child I did have 3 cockerels, a bit later on my family did have three chicks, both times ended somehow sad).
I hope they will brighten my life. I love to watch them doing their chicken things and I love when and how they communicate and bond with humans.

So I'm here to meet you and your beautiful and sweet chickens :celebrate

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