Hello Everyone!!!

Shifu Ru ster

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10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Hello, I am a new member to this awsome site. Just thought I'd drop by and say my hello and introduce myself to the forum community. I live in Milwaukee, WI and currently have the following breeds: pure Richardson and Laos Red Jungle Fowl, American Game Fowl, BBR AGB, Wheaton AGB, Wheaton Cubalaya, std Sumatra, Bantam Sumata, std BBR Phoenixes, bantam white phoenixes, Yokohomas, bantam Shamo, and Thai/Brazilian Oriental fowl. I don't have alot at the moment because this is a new hobby I'd recently picked up after attending a poultry show (a very costly and expensive hobby, I must say so myself, lol). But yes, if anyone's in WI would like to meet and just talk anything chicken, just give me a holler...I'd be happy to hear from anyone. Thanks and God Bless!!
from Washington

Glad you joined. BYC is a blast!


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