Hello fellow chicken lovers!

Cheepers Peepers

Sep 10, 2019
Hi All,
I am not new to chickens but just getting back into them. My husband and I had chickens for several years. He had to have hip surgery and could not help me take care of them. We had to find a new home for the girls.

I spent months building this pasture that I was going to put goats in. That was a traumatic two weeks and I said no more goats. So to keep my husband from saying one more time "that is an expensive pasture with nothing in it". I announced I was buying chickens and they will free range the pasture. So before he could talk me out of it I bought Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Barred Rock, and Bryama baby chicks.

Talk later, Have to go to work to pay for my chicken habit.
Last year I bought 4 pullets... Then I realized how much I love the damn birds. We now have 24 chickens and 13 ducks, but we will be culling 6 drakes and 3 roosters soon. To much testosterone. I even bought an incubator and over the weekend I hatched these guys from my flock to replace roosters. I have room for 20 chickens and 8 ducks ( according to my husband).
What I find funny is that the first two chicks have very different mommas but look so similar. The first one's momma is an EE and the second one's momma is a Brown Leghorn. I might have a bird hording problem.

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