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I found this website in the spring when I started my new little flock of assorted Bantams. It's been so enjoyable and informative. So here I am finally joining! I have a question tonight that I thought I'd scroll through the forum for an answer, but decided to just post it myself.

So in addition to Hello my name is Dee, alias callitchickenlove, I have a question about "umbrella china berry trees" --- I wanted to transplant one of these seedlings into my fenced garden where I let "my girls" run around; but my mom thought I better find out if the berry/seeds that fall from these trees would be poisonous to chickens? If anybody knows, I'd love to hear your wisdom.
(I'll post this question in another topic of the forum also, to get more "coverage"!)

Thanks, and looking forward to being apart of this community.
Thanks Imp...
I have some friends that just hate these trees; but fortunately they are not that prolific here in Central Texas (as this FL data states, they are endangering natives there...if that were the case I would not encourage it's growth!)
But it provides a beautiful canopy and most needed shade!
Seems when I was a child there was one in our yard, and our chickens were free range, and they didn't eat the berries...
I may just keep it outside their area where they can't get the berries...
Thank you so much for your time and info link.

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