Hello fellow Hens and Roosters! :D

Hello everyone! :frow I am kinda new here at BYC. I had another account a while back where I was addressing a chicken with crop issues. Anyways, I am here with a new account.
I got my first hens on April 7 2018, so I have had them for a few months. I have learned a lot over the months taking care of chickens, but I have a lot more to learn :old
The breed I specifically chose is Golden Comets. Easy to take care of, I am also getting many eggs. Although waiting a good 12 - 16 weeks from getting them, it was WELL worth the patience :thumbsup
Raising chickens is great, really. I have learned so much, I get fresh eggs, and they are one of my favorite animals since I got them. I love chickens! :bow:wee
My other hobbies include gardening, blacksmithing, carpentry, bushcraft, bookwriting (I am currently writing a fantasy book), and several more. People say I have a lot on my plate, but I have until I finish highschool to decide what I want to do for sure! :old
Thanks so much! I am glad I can be a part of the BYC Community! Happy clucking!:jumpy:wee:woot


Egg Obsessed
Feb 5, 2018
Northwest Oregon
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My Coop

Glad you joined the group!

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