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  1. Kcarp03

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    I've found myself with 12 baby chicks that my Husband decided was a great idea! :) They're about 2 weeks old now. 3 are Black Sexlinks(orig thought to be BJG's until brown & black feathers started coming in) 3 Buff Orpingtons, 3 Black Australorps, 3 Gold laced Wyandottes. I've been researching like crazy, because I know nothing about raising Chickens. From what I've seen, they should all do well together. Currently we have them in a Brooder(largest plastic tub I could buy @ Walmart) in our Garage, but going to transition to baby Crib that we still had in our Shop for more room as they are growing fast! I've already found so much great information on this site, it's really helpful!! Even though I was really irritated at my Husband for this "surprise" at first, I've seriously been enjoying these baby chicks. :) I'm sure I'll be asking questions, thanks y'all!
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    Apr 6, 2015
    WV boy here!

    As soon as you get your first egg you will be thanking your husband every day.

    Ask any questions you want.

    I'm no expert but I will help with what I can and there are tons of people who have years of experience with chickens who would be willing to help you too.

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    @micah wotring Thank you and yes I know you're right! haha I think actually I'm quickly becoming the Crazy Chicken Lady! We're working on cleaning out a 6 x 8 Storage Shed & going to convert it into their Chicken Coop. I know we'll need several modifications & have already raised it up on cinder blocks. I've been looking thru the different threads for ideas & information.
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    [​IMG] so glad you have joined us and congrats on getting your new flock, although they were not your plan.

    I also started mine out in a large plastic bin and saw how fast they were growing and had to buy a 100 gallon water bin within a week of the arrival of my 6 chicks.

    You are so lucky to have the storage shed, that will save a lot of time and $$$. You will need to have the permanent home ready by the time they are 5-6 weeks old.

    Good luck in the new adventure, love and enjoy every minute.

    They are quite fascinating to raise and get to know.

    Feel free to post questions, we're here to help. Enjoy the forums.
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    @sunflour Thank you so much! I really think we will enjoy it all, I'm ansious to get their Coop done & have them move in! I did post in the Coops/Runs Forum, hoping to get some feed back about windows & any other tips.
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    Welcome to BYC - glad that you have joined us.

    You'll find lots of info in the Learning Centre
    https://www.backyardchickens.com/atype/1/Learning_Center, and if you have a specific topic in mind, just type it in the search box - there's a wealth of information on past and present threads.

    This link may help you for the moment.

    You may wish to consider joining your state thread as it will put you in touch with other BYC members in your area - https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/270925/find-your-states-thread

    All the best
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    You husband got good breeds - give him credit for that.[​IMG]
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
  9. Kcarp03

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    @CTKen Thank you & I appreciate the links, I've joined in on the Arkansas thread! @drumstick diva , thank you & yes after I've been researching they all seem to be good breeds, he did very well! [​IMG] I was just a little in shock/surprise mode when I got home from work & there they were. haha

    @BantamFan4Life Thank you for the welcome! Feeling a little out of my element, but all the information I've been able to find has been wonderful & extremely helpful!

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