Hello from Atlanta, GA!


10 Years
Oct 9, 2009
Hi everyone,
I am Amy Lathi and am excited to become a chicken mommy of 6 in April. I have read the Raising Chickens for Dummies book and lots of the info in the Forum here, but am still a little nervous. I have 4 children, 1 Doberman, 1 Westie, 1 Scottie, and 3 indoor kitties, as well as 2 pygmy goats that I am able to keep happy and healthy - so hopefully everything will go well. My plan is to put the chicken coop in the goat pen, but now I don't know if the goat pen is a safe enough run for the chickens if there is no wire "roof". We live in an old residential neighborhood (most homes 100+ years old) just around a mile from downtown Atlanta. In spite of being so close to downtown, I am still worried about predators. Years ago when I was bottle feeding my baby goats at midnight, I saw a raccoon climbing up my neighbors fire escape and I have also found a dead possum in the yard (think one of my dogs got it). I know we have a pair of huge owls in the neighborhood and probably hawks too. Sooo, if I make sure that the hens are locked up in a secure coop at night that is also inside a wire fenced goat pen, will they be safe? My husband thinks I am worrying too much.

I am trying to steel myself for possible losses but I get very attached - can't help it.
from Indiana!
from Tennessee!! New to chickens I see. Plenty of info on here for you. Oh, and we have hawks and my girls don't have a wire roof either. The key is to get a good roo if you can have one. Otherwise I'd close it in. I hope that helps!

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