Hello from Bellingham, Wa--I found a (lost?) rooster today!


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
Hello everyone!

Tonight, a rooster came our way unexpectedly.

I say "unexpectedly" since he was rescued from the middle of a pretty lonely country road by my SO heading home from work in Snohomish, Wa. Of course, knowing how much I want chickens again, he brought the rooster home.

This guy is probably around a year old with smallish spurs of 1/2", and I believe he is a Partridge Plymouth Rock. He's very sweet and obviously has been well cared for, so I hope that his family may look here (I've also posted on CL).

Any other suggestions, BYC folks?

On an unrelated note, I'm excited to have found this forum! I am quite fond of chickens and other various fowl, but have not had a chance to keep them for a few years since leaving FFA and going away to college. My SO and I have been considering getting a small backyard flock for our home in Bellingham, Wa within the next year or so. :)
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Greetings from Kansas, AlyJones89, and
! Glad you found us and signed up - great to have you aboard! Sounds like fate to me - you were thinking about getting into chickens and up showed this rooster! You asked for suggestions. It sounds like since you had chickens at one point in your life you probably know most of the basics. I would only advise getting more chickens to keep this one company as they are pretty social critters and don't do well in isolation. Best of luck to you!

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