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Jun 11, 2020
Hi everyone, new member here!

I've lurked as a guest on this forum for long enough so figured I'd finally join in on the fun!

My name is Sean and I'm in Northern CA about 15mins drive from Sacramento - California's capitol. I started my chicken obsession last year when I thought I only wanted 3 chickens. 3 chickens quickly became 6! Unfortunately, all the chicks were straight run so I ended up with 4 roosters in a zoning area that allows no roosters! Just my luck.

Recently I've rehomed all 4 further North a couple hours where I have access to them and plan on continuing to breed them with my girls. The two roosters I plan on breeding specifically are a white smooth satin, and a black frizzled satin. My two girls are a splash Silkie and a smooth black satin.

Currently I also have shipped eggs in the incubators and just candled the first half at Day 10 yesterday. Out of 13 white crested Polish smooth and frizzled eggs, all had beautiful veins and tons of movement inside but 11 of the 13 have the saddle bag air sac from the shipping (my local PO is absolutely the worst) and that's after letting them rest pointed side down for 48 hrs before setting.

I also have 7 French Black Copper Maran shipped eggs in the bator - I attempted to candle but they're just too dark and/or thick for me to see anything. I'm debating on using the water candle method closer to lock down to look for movement.

And last night I just set some Naked Neck Silkie crosses. I also just picked up from my PO my F1 olive Eggers (Americauna X FBCM) and they're currently resting before setting.

Yeah - the obsession is real. Now to go paint my self made coop. Happy to be amongst my people!


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