Hello from Casa Hogar Elim orphanage Nuevo Laredo Mexico


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May 31, 2020
My name is Anita and my husband and i moved to the orphanage in December 2017. We opened a learning center and took in raising chickens, a small vegetable farm and a tilapia farm. First time at all of that :)

Chickens. We had 40 and we had them within the first year laying about 20 eggs a day. Then we got surprised with 40 chicks. No space for that many chickens :(. Overcrowding made for unhappy chickens and weakened health and we have lost about half the flock. If the remainder 1/2 are 6+ years and the rest are about a year old we are getting only about 5 eggs a day.

we are building out a new pen area and will stick it with all new chicks in the next few months.


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Feb 2, 2017
San Joaquin Valley CA.
Very good, you help so many young people!

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