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8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Hello! I have had a flock since Sept. 2010. I have 2 buff orphington hens, 2 cochin hens, 1 americana hen, 1 golden comet hen, 1 faverolle rooster and 1 little buckeye roster. I do have a question. Today I heard the buckeye crow for the first time! My Favorolle rooster is very docile and nice. I have had him with the little buckeye since Sept. and they have gotten along just fine. My question is, now that the little buckeye is getting older, will I have to separate them or be worried about them fighting??? Please advise :eek:)
Welcome to BYC! I would say keep an eye on them, I have 4 roo's who are best buds and go everywhere together. If there becomes aggression , including extreme feather pecking then they should be separated.
Welcome to BYC. I doubt they will fight because they are being raised together as younguns, one will eventually become more dominant over the other and show that dominance to the other...but no knock down drag out fights. However, your hens will probably suffer under two roosters from excessive mating. When the dominate rooster isnt watching, the other rooster will try and mate with the hens. the favorite hens of both roosters will suffer the greatest and could possibly result in injuries. It is normally recommended one rooster per 10 hens. You can keep both roosters, but I'd get more hens for them...or get rid of one of the roosters. You eventually might consider purchasing chicken saddles for your hens for protection.
Hello lisa and welcome! Nice to see a fellow Ohioan joining up! I live in the Dover, New Phila area, if you're familiar....Once the testosterone starts kicking in with your roosters, they may begin to scrap or fight because they may both want to be the dominant rooster. If you've got one that is more timid, then that could be a good thing.....Just keep an eye on them....Once they begin mating with the hens, their personalities can really do a 360. (It doesn't always go bad though......I don't mean to scare you...)
Welcome fellow ohioan! To solve your quandry get more hens
or watch the feathers disappear from their backs lol

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