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Jun 8, 2009
I'll slip an intro in here, and then I'm heading to ask chick questions!

I'm a single Mom about to 'lose' my last 'chick'. I live in a small town (p.o.p. 5,000) but dream of a shack in the woods. I'm a wanna-be hippie/back to the land'er. I'm finally working on becoming more self-sufficient and 'green'. This year I've got a lot more vegetables going in, as well as some new gardens to put them in, homemade passive solar window heaters... well, little things all over here and there, and now, chickens! Talk about excited! (my cat's rather excited about the new chicks too!)

After a winter of researching, I finally made the plunge and ordered chicks. Well, that was in March. The other day I picked up my babies. I have: 3 Barnevelder pullets, 1 partridge coloured Silkie (unsexed), and 1 gold-laced Wyandotte (also unsexed)

I'm not pleased about having to order unsexed boids... but what can you do?! If they turn out to be roosters, I'll find someone out of town to take them.

Urban farming... WOOT!

and cheers from California.

Sounds like you've jumped into the living off the land with both feet. In the 60's we heated our home with a wood stove, grew our own food, fished, had a milk goat and baked our own bread. It was a wonderful experience and I treasure it. I still grow most of our fruits and vegetables now and enjoy it.

Good luck to you!
Oh, did I forget to say I bake bread!
There's a batch of rhubarb muffins in my kitchen that I baked this morning.
I have pickled and preserved for many years.

And that my dream has a goat in it!

I love that I am finding places where I feel I have things in common with so many others.

Thank you for the welcomes from Atlantic to Pacific!

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