Hello from Ecuador!!

malacatos hen

7 Years
Oct 29, 2012
Malacatos, Ecuador
Hi to all the chicken and various bird lovers. My husband and I have been in Ecuador for about 14 months now and are getting our property set up for our house and farm. I am semi-new to chicken raising, just know what my mom and grandmothers did. There are a lot of chickens here but my Spanish is limited and don't know much about the breeds available here and what disease precautions they need. The climate in this area (Malacatos) is great! Never gets really cold or really hot (65f to 80f year round). Sun is intense since we are a mile high but animals seek the shade at peak hours. The neighbors chickens free range and roost where they want and seem to do well. I would like a large pen/yard for mine and let them roam as well. When they are chicks and get used to going into a house at night (with tasty treats) will they retain that returning instinct? Anyone with info is appreciated. Glad to be aboard!!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

When you first place them in the coop keep them inside for about a week to allow them to learn where they sleep, after that they should return to roost every night.
Hey Kris. Welcome to BYC from The Heartland of Kentucky! Sure, they will return to the coop. When you first get your chickens leave them inside the coop for a period of a couple weeks and when you let them out they will return to the coop to roost nightly.


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