Hello from England UK.


8 Years
Nov 6, 2012
England UK
I had a good look at this interesting site and find it really excellent.
I am Swiss born and was raised on our parent's farm in Switzerland, no shortage of poultry and many other Animals,.
I came to England many years ago and last 20 years started to collect more unusual animals for my retirement to keep me busy and happy.
I hope I can contribute some of my experience to newcomers and like wise also learn some new tricks from any of you. You can never be too old to learn, lol

Thank you
Hi Supreme Emu.
I am rather reluctant to send Emu Eggs or any other types in post now, due to carelss handling in post here in UK, from my own experience.
I have sent many Rhea eggs last 3 years, but this year 2012 customers were NOT prepared to pay extra....like I always did....had 5 of 6 hatched ....Special del. next day... ...if they were fertile, they hatched.....then the parcel is not going in bulk mail, but handled individually and there for no breakages, no matter how well they were packed .... if by chance it was going under a 'Lorry', lol will be refunded by Royal Mail, if claimed...sadly this only applies to UK as far as I know.

I did 2 years ago send Rhea eggs to Cyprus, Greece and Portugal successfully, went via airmail.
Have yet to get Emu Eggs lol still a bit early.
It's the buyers choice and risk.
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