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Jan 4, 2012
Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie to the world of chickens and joined yesterday. We have Wanda an exquecher leghorn (more like foghorn! very noisey!), 3 Goldline ex battery hens Ginger, Hinge and Bracket, and Fatso who we're not sure if it's an Arthur or a Martha! At the moment they're being buffeted by the winds so they're under the fir tree!
Wanda laid her first egg 2nd January (major excitement and breaking open of cigars!), the other 3 have stopped laying for the moment and Fatso......well, the season of miracles has now past for that one to lay an egg! Wanda and Fatso along with a cockerel were dumped at the side of a road when they were about 4 weeks so they didn't have a very good start. The cockerel went to a local sanctuary last week as he was very very noisey (another leghorn) and wouldn't leave the hens alone, he's currently wandering around 10 acres like King of the Castle! After putting the 2 silkies they already had in their place! I still feel guilty he was such a character but we have neighbours. The batteries were destined for slaughter as it's now illegal over here, so they haven't had a good start either.


8 Years
Dec 23, 2011
Hello Baggy, another Englander here

Shame you had to rehouse your cockeral, but sounds like he has a wonderful new home. Well done on your liberated ex-batts. There is another England poster, Johnn, who has ex-batts and posts here frequently.
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