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Hello all,

First of all...we'd like to thank this site, and all of it's knowledgeable members, for all of the valuable information it has provided us in the building of our coop, and the selection of our ladies.

A bit of background....On July 25th of '08 - Tara and I (Dave)purchased an 18.5 acre foreclosure property. When the property was originally developed in 1986 - it was developed to be equine friendly. Several years ago - a large family purchased the property and converted the barn, and the outdoor round pen, to hold as many chickens as they could possibly house. From the stories we hear from the neighbors - possibly 400-500 birds. Needless to say - the barn was an absolute mess. We filled 2 - 40 yard dumpsters just from inside of the barn...along with approximately 8-10" of poo. While cleaning out the barn - we found a fighting ring, talon razors, syringes, suitcases with ventilation holes, import papers, pictures from an Asian country, etc.

After a long week of cleaning - I think we both told our selves that our previous plans for chickens was ruled out....needless to say - after 10 months - we came around and revisited our desire to have chickens.

You can see the before & after pictures on our website - www.BuckMannFarm.com

Below is a teaser pic for you. I'll have more pics and details in the build section shortly.

Thanks again,
Dave, Tara, & Jordan

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from UT! I was born and raised in Afton, MN - but the mountains drew me out here.
Heard you guys finally got some rain!
Thanks for the welcomes.

We did finally get that much needed rain we've been waiting for...it was especially needed for the horse paddocks and the pasture.

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