Hello from Lurgan Township, Pennsylvania


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Feb 22, 2018
Fourteen years ago, on a crazy impulse decided to leave city apartment living and buy a house in rural Lurgan Township in south central Pennsylvania. Then though it would be fun to decorate the yard with 2 chickens. However, the man at the local feed store convinced me to take all the remaining 14 peeps at a good price and so began this long strange trip. Luckily for google and the local Mennonites in the area, I've learned by trial and error and now my flock is really one of the most fun things for me. BackYard Chickens has been a blessing and I've learned so much from the members that I finally joined and hope to share more. Now I have about 20 red sex links 10 black sex links, 10 white rocks 3 barred rocks for brown eggs. Also 50 one week old cornish cross broilers that I am sharing with co-workers who live in apartments. I still am learning and still google and still am grateful to this forum for helping with so many issues.


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Oct 4, 2016
Welcome to BYC! You have quite the assortment of birds!
I'm sure your co-workers will appreciate some home-grown chicken from you!
You may want to change your avatar so you are more easily recognized, and add your location to your profile, so that any questions you may ask will have relevance for things like temperature, weather etc.
I hope you enjoy BYC as much as we do!

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