Hello from Mississippi


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Mar 17, 2018
North Mississippi
Hi all, I am a grandmother of 6......raising 3 of them. We live on 50 wooded acres where our hens free range. Our first batch were the easter eggers...followed by a mixture leghorns, Reds, and Barred Rocks.

During this past winter we lost a number of our flock and so we (me and grands) went to TSC to get a few more chicks. Taking grandchildren when buying chicks is NOT an easy thing.
i ended up at first getting more Barred rock......... one of my grandchildren chose also some Buff Orphingtons ( 2 died so far) one of my grandchildren got a few RI reds, and my eldest granddaughter came home with some mystery black, grey and cream chicks......

its going to be an interesting summer!
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Greetings Erinne, Welcome to BYC! So sorry you lost some of your girls. Hopefully things will improve for your flock, now that you have BYC articles, and realtime advice from members! :frow

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