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    Nov 16, 2010
    My introduction into Silver Sebrights was to find one egg out of several hatched out in my father's egg incubator, which occured on Mother's Day of 2004. I took the lone little chick to my mother's house and told her to hold her hand out, taking my "mother's day gift." She kept the little chick whom was named Chicky Poo in the house and was hoping for a hen. But the garbled sound one fateful morning proved that Chicky Poo was a rooster! On the morning of Aug 16 2004, my father got up rather early to watch the very early news then went back to bed for awhile. When Chicky Poo crowed, my father told my mother, "There's our alarm clock." Those were the last words my father would ever say to my mother. My father went into the living room and died while watching more TV.

    So for that reason, that little chicken became my mother's pet. My brother, who lives in Georgia, thought it would be good to buy some more baby chicks so that Chicky Poo would have some friends. Chicky Poo always hated them, favoring his stuffed Miss Piggy Doll. Chicky Poo lived to be over 5 years, dying in Oct of 2009. My mother still has the other chickens, all of which are VERY spoiled and picky eaters. Right now she has a little hen named Willie that the other chickens hate, so Willie sleeps in the house.

    The chicken mansion:

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    Welcome to BYC!! Wow what a story. I love the Chicken Mansion!
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    Welcome to BYC.

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