Hello from Moscow, Russia!


6 Years
Sep 4, 2013
Hi guys!

I've just registered at your excellent forum. I'm currently in process of constructing of a small backyard barn integrated with chicken coop and quail micro-farm. I've found many good ideas and solutions, especially important for me because we just moved to countryside and very new to chicken fever. So I'm developing design and stay open to any advises from forum members. This is what we have at this stage:

Welcome to BYC
Wow, your coop plans look great!
Hello, Alexey! How are things coming? Did you finish constructing your barn/coop/farm? I found your post when doing a search for Moscow, as I am currently visiting Moscow. If you have any pictures it would be fun if you would post one. I am so curious about backyard chicken farmers here. I have only been into backyard chickens for just less than one year.
Alright Alexey,
great to have you joining the flock

I like your plans for your coop but I have a question about insulation and wind barkers as it really gets cold in Moscow

What kind of chicken's do you have in your flock for such cold weather

These are a couple of my hens and they do fine in hot weather
as well as cold .....

And some more of them .......

Also the rest of the flock ......

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