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Hi. I am new to this whole chicken thing. My fiance came home with a rooster that he got from some friend of his. Now I know I need hens to go along with him. I have a big coop and I pretty much just let him roam where he desires until sundown I then go find where ever he has roosted up and take him to the coop. I guess my questions are many. I'd first off like to know of anywhere I can get my hens. I am also thinking I'll get about 5 or 6 but not sure whats acceptable per rooster? So I just need plain old advice. I know I wont learn anything by just reading about it. I know I have to experiance it so just send some tips my way. Thanks everyone!


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First off,

Keep your roo in the coop for a few days and he'll figure out he needs to go back there at night. So you'll need some feed and water in the coop.

I'd look on Craigs list for hens.

Roosters need about 10 hens to be real happy.

Good luck.


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I am in Manchester....I am kind of new to this too but i will tell ya what I have learned...LOL 4-5 hens per rooster...if you close the rooster up for a week or so in the coop he will automatically go back in at night to roost even better with hens! You can check on Craigslist for hens I think i remember seeing some in Smyrna matter of fact....I got mine through a hatchery as day old chicks in April they are now 8 weeks old!
hope that helps I have learned ALOT on here this place is GREAT!!!


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5-6 hens for one rooster will work fine. You can get more if you want. If you post a pic of him in the "What Breed or Gender is This?" section, somebody should be able to give you an idea of what breed he is, and you can get some girls to match - if that matters to you. You can mix breeds, so they don't have to be the same. You may want to post a question in the "Breeders and Hatcheries" section to find out what's available in the Nashville area. There may be auctions or breeders near you. Also you can order chicks from places like Murray McMurray or Cackle Hatchery and raise them from day-olds. Good luck! It's an addictive hobby, and the people you find here on BYC are enablers.


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I have heard 10 hens per rooster, oh but who's counting, I have 3 roos and 14 hens, I love my roos!! It doesn't really matter what kind of hens you get unless you are breeding for a purpose and you can order chicks online from a hatchery here's one of the links http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/day_old_baby_chickens.html or you can go with good ol craigslist. Good luck and have fun because it is a blast and the people on BYC are very knowledgeable and be ready to be addicted to them (chickens) because they are so much fun!

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