Hello From Nevada!


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
Hi All! Last year at about this time I was in search for a bunny to do photo shoots with. I am a portrait photographer, and we needed baby bunnies. Finally we were at the last feed store in our area and they did not have bunnies, but they had baby chicks! On a whim we bought 3 chicks... One of them ended up being a bantam rooster, and the other 2 were hens, Ming Ming, Big Momma, & HenRietta. Not sure what kind but they are black with gold rings around thier feathers. When they were about 3 months old another feed store had chicks~ and we got 2 more because we were having so much fun with the first three! The Kids named those Blackie & Sandy. ( Black & White)
Over the winter our poor Bantam died unexpectedly... My son was crushed... It was his rooster.

Well the feed store just got some new chicks so we let the kids pick out 4 more...
They look whiteish yellow now so we will see what they grow up to be!
Their names are Ming Ming2, Lenny, Princess, & Foofa...

We are still new and learning about chickens in general, but we are having so much fun!
Greetings From Nevada!
The Jones Fam~


One Handy Chick
11 Years
Jan 7, 2009

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