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I have been lurking on the forum for a while, especially around the coop/run building topics. I can’t have chickens where I live, but my daughter just started raising 4 chicks that are now 6 weeks old. She ordered an on line coop and run and learned the true meaning of caveat emptor – let the buyer beware. It was far from what the pictures led you to believe, very shoddy material and workmanship, and just big enough for 1.59 chickens. It is already falling apart and leaks like a sieve in our unseasonable NorCal rains. So I decided to attempt to build a chicken coop and run for her 4 chicks. Maybe I’ll get a few fresh eggs.

I will be asking questions as they arise, if I can’t find the answer somewhere in the forum.

I am a newby here also. Just ordered a trio of Seramas and can't wait to get them on Wednesday! There is a TON of info on here, so I feel sure you'll find lots of useful info on building your coop. Good luck!
Hey East Bay neighbor! Are you in an area in the East Bay that can't have chickens?

I'd be interested to know which city you're in and the manufacturer of the coop. Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like:


Great to have you here, we have lots of wonderful Bay Area members (and a couple ok ones)
Thanks for the welcome. I live in San Ramon. I have a very small lot, 17’ to the back fence, 8’ on one side and 12’ on the other. I think SR requires 1 acre to keep chickens. On the make of the coop, the Daughter is down at Pismo running dunes this weekend so I’ll have to check with her when she gets back. I think the company is out of Australia. The picture made it look large, but obviously, someone was lying on the ground and shooting up with the camera to make it look big. The corner supports were split down 4” to 6”. There was a ¾” gap where the hinged nest box lid attached to the wall, not good in the weather we have been having. She tipped it on its side to install some hardware cloth on the bottom, and the whole thing collapsed. They ended up screwing hot water heater tape around it, top and bottom, to hold it together.
There are definitely some really cheap and flimsy coops out there. Many of them are the ones that are shipped overseas and the only way they can offer them so cheaply is by making them out of very lightweight materials (cheaper to make and cheaper to ship).

We definitely encourage peeps to do their homework before buying. I'm always very dubious when I see regular sized pre-built chicken coops or kits for under $400.

Regarding San Ramon: I'd be shocked if they require 1 acre! If so, then they really need to update their ordinances to be more in line with SF, Oakland, San Jose, etc. Call Alamo Hay & Grain, they might know more: http://www.yelp.com/biz/alamo-hay-and-grain-co-alamo

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