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    Jan 30, 2009
    North Carolina

    My name is Von and as stated above I live in NC. I became interested in Silkie Chickens when a friend got some and I thought they were the coolest I had ever seen. Then hubby started talking about getting some chickens. At the same time my friend had to move and couldn't take her chickens and tractor coop to her new home so she offered them to me. We are supposed to get them this weekend and I am so excited. In the meantime we have been getting an area ready to put a run and a coop built. Since we live in the country and have raccoons and coyotes around us along with feral cats we want to be sure they are safe from predators.

    In the mean time I am researching to find out all I can about chickens and Silkies in particular.

    I also have a small aviary and breed quakers, parrotlets, and cockatiels and have taken in a few rehome parrots who's owners could no longer care for them.

    So here I am to learn and soak in any and all information I can get as I have never had chickens before.

    Thank you

    & The Nest Gang
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    West Michigan

    You'll find tons of information about Silkies here! [​IMG]
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    Nov 23, 2008
    Madisonville, TN
    [​IMG] from TN
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    Russia, NY
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    Don't go to the egg swapping thread. You'll end up getting excited and have to incubator some eggs.

    Oh yeah, you need button quail to clean up after the cockatiels. You can get those at the above mentioned place.


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