Hello from north central TN!


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Jun 14, 2010
First, let me thank this wonderful site and its many contributors for helping us get started. The resources here are superb, and it was great to have a "go-to" site with all the information you need.

We bought a neglected, 50-acre hobby farm in 2007 in Sumner County, TN (about 50 miles NE of Nashville). Since then, we've slowly been mending fences, repairing the barn and working on the workshop. The farmhouse itself was built in the late 1970s entirely out of recovered materials, so each room has its own personality -- the porch is girded with retired railroad timbers; the dining room is the remnants of the old post office; there are dual wood stoves coming off of a large, central stone chimney made from native stone; the bedrooms each have barnwood-paneled walls with distinctively personalities... all of which means we love it, it's gorgeous, and it's nearly impossible to work on since nothing is a standard measure! LOL

One of the nice finds on the property was an old, if small (w4' x l6' x h6', with two levels), chicken coop -- also made from old barn wood. We built a 14' x 7' enclosure around the coop. We added a perch near the top of the coop, as well as a couple of nesting boxes on the other side (think two-story duplex). Last year, we christened it with four Rhode Island Red hens. They eat a quality layer feed, along with a little lettuce each day, and the occasional batch of nightcrawlers from the bait shop as a treat. And now, people don't understand when I explain they have names and personalities... We're hooked.

And I'll never forget the first egg we tasted... it was an accident. I was in the process of collecting our first six for a nice weekend breakfast, when my clumsy, neophyte hands dropped our third egg, slightly cracking it. I feared it wouldn't keep, so I decided that I'd make a fried egg. There are not words to describe the flavor... it was like the first time I had ever tasted an egg. "Honey! Come try this!" "What is it?" "An egg!" "One of ours?" "YES!" "What does it taste like?" *patter of feet on the stairs* "It... tastes like... perfect," was my less than descriptive reply. The only thing that comes close was the first time I tried honest-to-goodness-right-from-the-cow milk. But that's another story.

I've rambled on too long. In short, I'm delighted and thankful to be part of this wonderful group.


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Apr 9, 2009
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from Knoxville! Your farm sounds wonderful!


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Mar 13, 2008
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Hi there! Welcome from western Kentucky! (We're about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. from Nashville TN). Your farm sounds like a little piece of Heaven, and as for your first experience tasting your own, farm-fresh eggs, I can relate!
I couldn't remember ever having tasted a fried egg that was as good as the first ones from our girls. I brag on them all the time and tell them what a good job they do, and how much we appreciate their hard work.


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Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
Howdy neighbor
I'm just down the road a little bit from you on the Wilson/Trousdale line.Give me a yell when your addiction requires more.We have hundreds here so we understand completely about how they get named and don't think it's strange one bit to carry them around like dogs cuddle with them or a few hundred chicks living in the basement..all perfectly normal

We build..been doing it for 35 years..love those houses until we are called to work in one of them


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May 9, 2010
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from Leiper's Fork, TN! I am also new and try to get on the site every day to learn as much as I can. I have 6 Buff O's and 6 RIR's. I had no clue I would enjoy my chickens so much! They were supposed to be all girls, but one of the RIR's is a roo. I really want to keep him to see if my hens will raise some chicks. So far I have managed to resist the desire to get an incubator and hatch eggs myself...I would much rather let the girls do it! I haven't named my chickens, partly because I can't tell who is who! All the buffs look alike and all the RIR's look alike (except for the roo, of course). I do call them my 'biddy girls' when I talk to them. In the evening when they have gone back to their run (but before they are asleep) I will sit with them a while and look at them, pick some of them up and check em out and pet on them some. They are getting more tame and are learning that really good treats come from me! They LOVE grapes! It is funny, some are so gentle and delicate when taking treats out of my hands and some just rush up and snatch it as fast as they can then RUN with it so no one can take it away. The rooster ( I have to have a name for him...) is one of the gentle ones. I think I like Rhett or Rooster Cogburn (True Grit-starring John Wayne).


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Jun 17, 2008
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Welcome from Wilson County! Sounds like you have a fabulous project up there. This forum is a great resource, and there are lots of helpful folks to lend a hand.

We are at the outer fringes of the Nash suburbs growing fresh veggies and herbs, grapes and berries, and of course chickens . . . and just enjoying the fruits of our labor. . .

Best of luck on your homestead!
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Jul 5, 2009
Middle Tennessee
Welcome. I live about 100 miles from Nashville. Your house sounds really neat, as does your property. DH and I both retired and moved back to part of the farm I grew up on, unfortunately there were no buildings left on the part I inherited, so we're having to start from scratch. So far I have 6 hens, 2 three week old chicks and (ugh) at least 3 roosters. I say at least because I think one of the chicks is a roo also! Trying to work up the courage to dispatch at least two of the roosters to freezer camp. I love chickens, but I don't really try to tame them and don't often name them. LOVE their eggs though!!

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