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    Aug 29, 2010
    Hi there! I was introduced to chickening by a co worker about a year and a half ago and have been hooked ever since. I currently have 13 birds in the coop and, thanks to a resident fox, an attached chicken yard with a 7' tall electric fence.

    This 1.5-2 year old red sex link named Leftovers is one or my original 5 birds. Shes very dominant and even pushes around my current rooster.

    This 1-1.5 year old buff orpington named Super Fluffy Chicken is the sole remaining bird from a hatchery order. I gave most of the others away to help friends with their own flocks. She used to be a very paranoid standoffish chicken untill one of my moms rescue dogs got ahold of her. In the dogs defense she had a head injury earlier in life that left her crosseyed and partially blind so I suspect that she saw more than one chicken and thought she was being ganged up on. All she got was a mouthfull of back feathers before she was chased off. After giving SFC a checkup I sat the dog in a chair and made her watch as I held and pet this very ticked off hen. When I let go of Super Fluffy she jumped on this poor dog who just rolled onto her back and tried to protect her face from the barrage or angry pecks. Seems Super Fluffy was very gratefull for the get back as shes been a very friendly bird ever since. She got her name after that by Fluffing up really really big whenever I reached for her and then walking in little circles at my feet while I pet her.

    This less than a year old red frizzle fleamarket rooster named Harry is the sweetest chicken I have ever seen. He walks up to me and pecks at my shoes when im around and rarely even squeaks when touched or picked up. Never runs away from human contact. Hes seen here sitting on my finger like a parrot. I used to walk around with him riding on my shoulder but he was never very solid up there. Only heard him crow once when he was lost in the tall grass of the yard.

    This less than a year old pidgeon looking fleamarket bird is named Blue Cheese. She (i think) is friendly enough but isnt fond of being touched. Very excited to see what kind of eggs she produces. Assuming shes a she that is.

    My other birds are still waiting on names that stick and pictures that arent blurred beyond reason. Im very excited to be a member of this community. When I started out I got most of my guidance from other chicken folk and have found experience, both my own and that of others, to be more valuable than all the books ever printed on the subject. I have dabbled in caponizing cockrels but after several reasonably successful attempts (read: live patient) and one downright failure at the end, I decided to put that on hold untill I can get some help from someone who knows how to do it. Just think about it: a 5 year old rooster who is as tender as he was before his spurs and darn near as big as a turkey! Thats the idea anyway.

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    Hi welcome aboard!
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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from Ohio, so glad you joined. [​IMG]
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    Hello from Tucson and [​IMG] Does that bird have a drivers license? [​IMG]

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