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8 Years
Jan 8, 2012
City of Five Flags
Hello fellow chicken lovers...

JoJo here and I reside in NW Florida. Pensacola to be exact. I have recently acquired a small coop and am scouting around to find a good breed of chicken for my small backyard (mini) farm. I can't quite call it an urban farm since we live in a smaller city. However, it is definitely a micro-mini farm.

I would like to start off with 2, or possibly 3 smaller hens. I've considered bantam Easter Eggers or bantam White faced black Spanish. In the future I would love to move up to a dual purpose bird, but for now since I am new at this I want to focus on getting the coop right and a few chicks to lay just enough eggs for me and the family.

If anyone can offer suggestions that would be a tremendous help.

The will be in a small coop/run and I will let them have free run of the garden area 2-3 times a week.
They must work well in confined areas, not be too broody, and friendly girls.

Will the EE or Spanish fit this bill? It seems like they will from what I have read.

Anyhow... Thanks so much and I look forward to lots of years of good chicken keeping and friendships here on BYC!

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