Hello from North Georgia!


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8 Years
Jan 7, 2012
Hello everyone! I'm JKSLB08 from the north Georgia area. My husband and I got chickens as a solution to...ticks?? Well, they were a more quiet option than guineas. Anyways, we quickly forgot all about the tick invasion and fell in love with our chickens. A couple of unfortunate dog and raccoon incidents later and we have a whole new flock in just 3 months' time. We have a leghorn, a RIR, a Plymouth Barred Rock, a speckled sussex, and our newest addition- our Australorp. And just when we think we have these funny ladies figured out, we're presented with a brand new perplexing problem! We love our girls and can't imagine any kind of life without them!
Welcome to BYC!! Chickens are good bug eaters and companions.

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